Is my baby getting enough milk?

One of the main things that Breastfeeding Mums talk to me about is the concern they feel wondering if their baby is getting enough milk!

And I get it, I remember that feeling wondering if my son was satisfied, was his belly full or was he just so comfy that he had fallen asleep!?

No measuring cups, no mils to log down, no chart to fill in.

Just trusting that he had taken enough.

But its great to know that you can observe your babes that you can be confident that they are getting enough.

A couple of great indicators is the baby's wee and poo habits, being aware of this in those first few weeks can reassure you that everything is ok or it may highlight the need to take a closer look at feeding.

Of course observing your baby's general wellbeing, how settled they are and of course their weight are all great indicators which can help you to build a picture.

Trust your body and Trust your baby x

Is my baby getting enough?