The Breastfeeding Circle is open at The Mama Space at Studio 40 in North Camp, every Monday from 1-3pm. (Launches 11th November)

The session is FREE and no booking is required.

The Breastfeeding Circle North Camp, is a safe space for pregnant and breastfeeding families to come together, support each other and socialise. Two breastfeeding counsellors run the meeting alongside ample cups of tea and tray bake.

All ages of babies are welcome! Topics that are often covered are:
- newborns struggling to feed
- painful latch or sore nipples
- 4 month fussies
- starting solid foods
- sleep regressions
- returning to work
- gentle parenting

Access to good Breastfeeding Support is so important so please share this with any expectant or Breastfeeding Mamas 😍


Tongue Tie & Assessment Clinic


We are also offering a Private Tongue tie Assessments and Releases alongside this Drop In. To make an appointment with Sarah for Tongue Tie Assessment and Release please book direct with Sarah via her website or via calling Sarah on 07557008478.

We look forward to seeing you there
Wendy, Paula, Georgina & Sarah 💗

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