Over the years as both a Midwife, Hypnobirthing Instructor and Doula I have worked with and supported many women and couples who have experienced a difficult birth and differing degrees of Birth Trauma. My Hypnobirthing classes are well placed to support a woman and her birth partner to prepare for a subsequent birth. However it is so important that the traumatic birth is acknowledged, heard & healed.

At The Mama Space Wendy offers techniques that can help you to release and lift the symptoms of trauma associated with the birth.


What is birth trauma?

Birth trauma occurs when birth has been a frightening, traumatic and negative experience. This could be because you feared for your life or your baby’s life during birth or because you felt out of control and disempowered or simply because you were treated unkindly. Birth Trauma can also affect Birth Partners.

The symptoms of birth trauma can vary but can include flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, panic attacks, guilt, anger, sadness, depression, difficulty bonding with baby, difficulty relating to partner.

This form of PTSD can effect both mums, dads and birth workers.

What causes birth trauma?

A birth experience that was frightening to both or either parent and that is usually coupled with a loss of control can lead to birth trauma.

This could be because labour was long or full of intervention or perhaps because of medical problems that unexpectedly occurred. If birth unexpectedly goes wrong it can be traumatic especially if parents feel that the situation or options available weren’t properly explained or if they feel that what was happening was completely out of their control. A birth where parents have feared for their life or their baby’s can also be a very frightening experience. Similarly if injury or even death has occurred as a result of the experience then this can also lead to birth trauma.

What treatment is available?

Birth Reflections Sessions can provide a safe space for parents to tell their story and is the first step to understanding what happened and what course of further action to take, if appropriate. This tends to work well for women and couples and gives you the opportunity to share and discuss the event and the associated feelings.

Often this is enough to help and move forward.


However sometimes we need to move to the next stage which is the 3 Step Rewind.

The rewind technique is a very effective and well tested technique that neutralises the disturbing feelings associated with birth trauma. The memory of what happened will still exist but it will no longer provoke anxiety, panic, guilt, anger or sadness therefore allowing the person to move forward with their life.

Lastly hypnosis can help restore feelings of calm and confidence to someone who has been plagued with the anxiety associated with birth trauma.

Usually two sessions are enough for people for feel a significant difference and a reduction in their symptoms.

Wendy is able to provide these sessions on a face to face basis if you are local to Farnborough, Hampshire. Alternatively Wendy can work Globally via Skype.


Birth Reflections Session -  2 hours - Cost £110.

Three Step Rewind - Should you then wish to book the 3 step rewind the service includes 2 x sessions.

The 1st session is 2 hours, the 2nd session is 1-2 hrs. Ideally 1-2 weeks apart.Two sessions are required so the total cost is £175.

Occasionally a 3rd session is required. The 3rd session would be 1-2hrs and cost an extra £45.

If you would like to arrange a FREE 15 minute clarity call with Wendy to see if this service could be of benefit to you then just email Wendy.