This workshop is aimed at pregnant mama's to be

 who would like to gain some knowledge and

support in preparation for their breastfeeding journey.

This antenatal 3hr Mindful Breastfeeding

Workshop is a great place to start.

What we will cover:
A wonderful relaxation
The benefits of skin to skin

The role of Oxytocin in Breastfeeding and how to

protect it
    We will look at your own Breastfeeding stories and

Breathing exercises
The physiology of Breastfeeding
The early hours and days
How to know baby is 'getting enough' milk
A good latch
What support is available
Learning to trust your body
and so much more ..


This is a lovely informal session, with great

 information and a chance to meet up with other

pregnant women.

What will you receive:

3 hour workshop
Mindful Breastfeeding resource PDF (electronically)
4 x MP3’s
Ongoing group support

Group Workshop Cost £45

Private Workshop Cost £65